FAQs – All Challenges

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Do you have a Charity Partner?

Yes. We work with several Charity Partners that focus on assisting the families of Navy SEALs. Learn more HERE.

Will there be food vendors?

Yes. Exactly what will be available depends on the specific Bone Fog Challenge, but we would not leave you hungry after something like this!

Will there be professional photographers for the event?

Yes. Professional photos of the event will be available shortly following the weekend. You are encouraged to take personal photos and post them to Facebook for all to enjoy!

Is there a charge for parking?

We attempt to include all the fees for the day in our pricing to avoid nickle and diming’ our favorite people (YOU!)!  Check each Event Page for details, but so far, we have included parking at every location.

Can spectators enjoy the after party?

Of Course!

Is the event timed?

Yes. The Bone Frog Challenge is just that – a challenge. While it is not meant to be a race in the purest sense of the word, we understand that many athletes appreciate having an official time.

Do I need a spectator pass?

Spectators are FREE! We want your family, friends and loved ones to celebrate your accomplishment with you!

Why do I have to pay a $11 insurance fee?

This insurance covers you for medical expenses should you be injured during the event. Everyone is required to pay for this coverage, regardless of your own health insurance status.

What does my race entry fee include?

The race entry fee includes timed race entry, finisher medal, elite sweat-wicking tee shirt, after party, and one free beer (for participants 21 years or over).

Can I cancel after I have registered?

Sure. You just can’t get a refund. All entries are non-refundable. The only exception to this policy is military with orders out of the area. Email us from our contact page and we will quickly respond with what is required.

Is the race registration transferable?

Registration is non-transferable.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes! Not surprisingly, we have a great respect for others who serve and a deep understanding of the financial challenges facing many members of the military. The Bone Frog Challenge is proud to offer a $40 discount for active duty military with proper ID. Participants who register as military and fail to produce proper ID will be charged a $65 penalty fee. This is not the event to lie about your military status.

Do you offer group discounts?

Navy SEALs never work alone and neither should you!  We offer a new for 2014 Team Discount Program that rewards large teams with post race refunds based on the final team size at the time of the event.  Team Discounts begin at the “Boat Crew” level with 7 members, which earns $10 off per member.  The next category is the “Platoon” which is for those teams with 16 or more people, each receiving $20 off.  Our final and largest team discount is for the “Troop” sized team of 38 or more, for which each member will receive $30 off!  Get up, get moving, gather your team and GET AFTER IT!

What is the minimum age requirement?

You must be at least 14 years old on the day of the race to participate in the event. We also offer a complimentary kids area, complete with mud pit and scaled down obstacles that the little ones can enjoy with adult supervision. This area is recommended for children ages 3-13. No additional registration is required and the kids area will be open all day. All spectators are free to enter, so bring the entire family!

Is there an after party?

Absolutely! Always! At every Bone Frog Challenge! While we do not believe that the “after party” should be the focus of the day, we have always subscribed to the “work hard, play hard” mentality. We have planned and executed literally hundreds of combat missions – no one can plan like we do! From awesome music and plenty of bathrooms to enough first-aid stations and great food, your experience with the Bone Frog Challenge will be one that you will remember and cherish for years to come.

Is this just another mud race?

NO! The mud-run/obstacle/adventure race industry has split into two distinct categories: 1) the mass of ~5K events with a handful of obstacles and 2) true tests of fitness, stamina and teamwork (such as the Tough Mudder/Super Spartan/Spartan Beast). The latter category is where the Bone Frog Challenge resides, with at least 36 military-style obstacles placed approximately every ¼ mile on courses ranging 9-12 miles in distance. You must be functionally fit to succeed. Our experience with functional fitness, obstacle courses, challenge and motivation enabled us to produce an event that goes above and beyond those in existence. As Navy SEALs, we know what tough is – and we don’t mean Harvard.

What is a Bone Frog?

The Bone Frog is the unofficial mascot for the current generation of Navy SEALs that carry out our nation’s most difficult and dangerous missions around the world. The origins date back to before Navy SEALs had been created. Our predecessors were the men of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) that served so courageously in WWII, Korea and through Vietnam. These heroes were known as “UDT Frogmen” due to their incredible abilities to work in and around the water while battling fierce opposition. During Vietnam, these UDT Frogmen transitioned to Navy SEALs and the UDT were phased out. As a result of the great respect current SEALs have for our forefathers, we still prefer to be known as “Frogmen.” The Bone Frog has come to represent today’s SEALs who have brought warfare to an entirely new level in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Many of our current warriors have some rendition of the Bone Frog tattooed on their bodies – it means that much.